Longest, Biggest, Highest Number Domain Name Ever!

Fellow netizens, it is with great pleasure I would like to introduce the largest digit domain name ever produced on the Interweb. The enormity of this number simply cannot be surpassed by any other! Ready to be amazed?

Something Extraordinary..


999.1 Novemdecillion!! What What!

999 novemdecillion
999 octodecillion
999 septendecillion
999 sexdecillion
999 quindecillion
999 quattuordecillion
999 tredecillion
999 duodecillion
999 undecillion
999 decillion
999 nonillion
999 octillion
999 septillion
999 sextillion
999 quintillion
999 quadrillion
999 trillion
999 billion
999 million
999 thousand

Undisputed Champ

There's the number. It is undisputed. Irrefutable. Absolute. Most importantly, tangible. Beating any other digit domain by a mere point, it is the clear champ. No other TLD can offer this true final mathematical ending.

Novemdecillion Radio Test

What is a novemdecillion? It is a 1 followed by 60 zeros. This domain has followed in the footsteps of others before it, with a full 63 digits, it is in the 999 novemdecillion range. It is the first, however, to have it's TLD give it a full, definitive number - even passing the legendary domain name radio test!

Confucius says Eeenough!

Or is it enough confusion? Who knows. Let's wait and see what more the wonderful world of 63 character domains may bring us..

..wait for it..

oh boy, what do we have here?

Well only the longest ccTLD perfect palindrome using only the letter E, is what!

Check it out here:


So long!